Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Snow man Fun

"Frosty, the snowman is a jolly happy soul".... is the song on my lips these days. What with the cold weather finally setting in, just minus the snow. Many people dread the harsh winters we experience but for me its a joyful and a happy time. Drinking hot, steaming cups of mocha, eating loads of  Christmas cake , wearing warm cozy mittens  and snuggling in the blanket with a good book surely makes me a jolly happy soul. 

And it is this cold weather that inspired me to write a post on all things snow and snowman.Since I consider books as the most important teaching tool, I am first going to share the latest Eric Carle book I have fallen in love with.
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  The story is set during Christmas time and revolves around a farmer and his five animals. Only there is no snow, till the night before Christmas. So what does the farmer do when snow finally falls? Find out in this beautifully illustrated book that will surely win over young hearts.

My favorite snowman craft that I love to do with kids every year also incorporates a little bit of literacy. I let them cut circles with white paper and prompt them to write each letter of their name on a circle. 
Its fun to see little kids comparing the length of their snowmen.

And what is Christmas without gifts. Turn a simple chocolate into an adorable snowman and see  bright smiles adorning your little angels faces.

"Snowman, snowman, where's your nose?", is a group game that will have your kids asking for more. Let children sit in a circle and ask one child to be the snowman. Give a small carrot to another child and ask him/her to hide it behind his/her back. All the other children also pretend to do the same and they say a chant: Snowman, Snowman, Where's Your Nose? Somebody took it from your home.
Upstairs, Downstairs, by the phone...Wake up Snowman, Find your Nose.Encourage the child in the center to guess which child he/she thinks has the snowman's nose. The 'snowman' gets up to three guesses. Keep playing till everyone gets a turn.

And finally if you want to do up your surroundings with some snowman decor, check out my door decoration.

I will leave you with my favorite song for this season...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my followers!