Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bunny/Spring Number Correspondence

Even though Easter has ended, my fascination for all things bunny hasn't gone down. Hence this post! I was super excited to use these bunnies for a quick number correspondence game.

I wanted to make this into a 'move and learn' kinda activity than  just a table top one. Though it can be used in both ways.

I placed number carrots inside the bunnies and put them in a basket.

 I placed the carrot cards around the room. 

Children open up a bunny and read the number.(Great for developing those fine motor skills!) They then move around the room to find the corresponding card to the number.(Gross Motor Development!) They come back and place it next to the bunny.
So with just one game you can focus on developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills and cognitive skills in children.

If you can't find these bunnies, don't fret. I made bunny number cards which you can use instead. 

You can also use this in your math center. Just mix up all the number and picture cards and let children match the number and corresponding carrot card till they get all of them correct.

Download this game from HERE!
Bunny/Spring Number Correspondence

Please leave a comment if you use this game.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Addition With Frogs Unit On Sale.!

I am linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for this weeks sale.

The frog addition unit is on sale from 30th March to 2nd April 2016.
Addition Activities(Frog Themed)
It had small and large group activities that children can engage in.It 
has something for your musical learners, for your kinesthetic learners and for your visual learners. Its a fun hands-on pack which will get your little mathematicians excited about doing addition.

The following snapshots are from the pack:

Few samples of the worksheets:

 Grab this pack from my  TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS STORE at 20% discount and have some froggy fun!
Addition Activities(Frog Themed)

Friday, 25 March 2016

Plant Unit On Sale!

For all those who are finding ideas to make their plant unit more interesting,look no further! My comprehensive plant unit is on sale for two days. The sale starts on 26th March and ends on 28th March 2016.
I am linking up with kellyand kims for this sale.
The product has a lot of interactive activities which you can use in the classroom or at home with your kids.In this inquiry based unit, you will find:

•An activity sheet and story sequencing cards for the book “Tiny Seed by Eric Carle”
•An interactive song chart on parts of the plant
•Labels to create a chart on parts of the plant
•Labels for parts of the plant (Independent activity)
•An interactive chart to find fruits with one seed and fruits with many seeds
•Plant Journal
•An inquiry booklet on needs of a plant
•Activity sheet to find what plants need in order to grow
•Interactive chart to find out where do fruits and vegetables grow
•Printable book (Where do fruits and vegetables grow ?) for independent work

See how all these activities took place in our classroom by clicking HERE.

The product is on 20% SALE! Grab it by visiting my TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS STORE.

The Carrot Seed

I love to be amidst nature and Spring time is the best time in India to enjoy the outdoors because summers are too hot and winters are too cold. So I consider the few weeks that we get of this season a blessing. Its also a great time to take learning outdoors! You can have conversations about plants, bees, butterflies, different kinds of flowers and much more with little children. Planting different seeds and reading books about them are few of our favorite activities during this time.

And the one book we make sure to read is "The Carrot Seed" By Ruth Krauss.
Image result for carrot seed book

It's an adorable book about a little boy who plants a carrot seed and waits for it to grow. He tends to his seed everyday even though others around him believe that it would never grow.
The book has simple words and illustrations and will appeal to little children. Through this book, they will also learn what does a seed need in order to grow.

I always ask children to sequence the story once we read it in order to find out weather they  comprehended the story or not and also to build their language skills. For this story, we made a carrot craft and then used pictures for sequencing.
I got the pictures from HERE.

We also used a real carrot to stamp different sizes of carrots.

We talked about how a carrot seed grows. Get this printable from HERE.
Since we were focusing on letters and reading words we played this fun game. Children had to match letter/word with  the picture.

Have you read this book? What activities do you use with this book? Leave a comment to let me know.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Holi- An Indian Festival Of Colors!

Holi is a spring festival celebrated in India by Hindus. It is also called the festival of colors.  During the celebrations, people gather with their friends and family and play with water and color. They visit each other's houses and dance, sing and  enjoy eating sweets. It is a fun filled festival that marks the arrival of spring and end of winter. All kids enjoy this festival because it gives them a chance to get wet and throw water balloons at their friends or passerby's.

I always introduce the festival to little children by reading this informative book.

After reading, we do this fun water gun craft! 

Grab the template and a fact sheet about the festival from my TPT STORE.
HOLI- An Indian Festival Of Colors!
How do you celebrate Holi with little children? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board For Easter/Spring!

Want a fun game to play during Easter? Grab this classic Tic-Tac-Toe game board and have some spring fun indoors!
Easter Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board
Print the game board and markers. Laminate them, cut the markers and start playing.

The kids are sure to have a blast with this game ! 

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Easter Alphabet and Picture Match Game.

Easter is around the corner and like always I love to incorporate festivals into our learning. And so came into being,this Easter alphabet game!

I was inspired by the cute bunny clip art by Krista Wallden. Its a simple 'find and match' game which will come handy if you are practicing beginning sounds with students.
Just cut out the bunny alphabet cards and the picture cards and place them in the literacy center. Let kids practice their sound and alphabet knowledge with this game.
Its an effective and fun game to practice the alphabet!

Grab it from my TPT STORE.
Easter Alphabet and Picture Match !

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Books to read during the spring season!

Spring is finally here and its a joy to awake to the sounds of chirping birds, Flowers are in full bloom and I can even spot few butterflies in my garden. The weather is perfect and one can spend a reasonable amount of time outside without feeling too hot or cold. So to welcome the season, our spring books have come out and we are engaging in a lot of Spring/Easter alphabet and number games.

But in this post I will talk about some of my favorite read alouds during spring season.

Image result for my garden by kevin henkes
This is undoubtedly my favorite book. It tells the story of a girl who imagines and plants her own garden. This book is great to get the creative juices flowing.After reading it, you can let children  draw and write about their own beautiful gardens.

Grab this FREEBIE for the activity!
Activity Sheet based on the book "My Garden" by Kevin Henkes

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus - HarperCollins
This book has simple words and illustrations. Its about a boy who plants a carrot seed and believes that it will grow.

The Tiny Seed
You can use this Eric Carle book to talk about seasons, germination of seeds and how seeds get transported. You can follow up with a fun plant craft after reading this book.

Once I made these gigantic flowers with my kids.

Use this book to talk about colors and different kinds of flowers. Give children seeds of different flowers to plant their own rainbow gardens.

This book is a story about a father and a son growing their own vegetables and then using them  to make soup. After reading the book, you can ask children what veggies they would like to grow and put in their soup.

So visit your local library and start reading!

And since this a great time to introduce the topic of plants, you can check out my Plant Unit for some fun ideas. Do come back for some Spring/Easter ideas that I will be sharing soon.