Monday, 29 February 2016

Rhyming with Cat In The Hat!

 Dr Seuss's birthday is around the corner and I am so excited to share rhyming sheets based on his popular book, 'Cat In The Hat". He was an American writer and illustrator who has penned over 60 popular children's book and I personally adore his work in 'Cat In The Hat', 'Wacky Wednesday' and 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!'
The kids always get hooked on to his books because of their rhyming nature. And as educators, we all know that  rhyming is such an essential skill for emergent readers.Read my posts on RHYMING to know more.

And my newest pack will help to develop that indispensable rhyming skill in children in a fun way.
Cat In The Hat Rhyming Sheets!

There are 25 CVC word family activity sheets in there. Children have to cut and paste the words that rhyme with the given word family.

They can even color the hats like the one in the story or with different colors, thus  working on their  patterning skills. 

Don't we teachers love it when we can work on multiple skills simultaneously?:)

Get this pack from my TPT STORE.

I also wrote a post based on his book 'Wacky Wednesday', so if you are using the book during his birthday celebrations, check out the post HERE.
Wacky Wednesday Freebie

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Addition fun with frogs!

 I was going through some of my old posts and found a frog game that I used to play in my class quite often to teach children count on and addition and I realized that I haven't done a post on numeracy for a long time. So I took some inspiration from that game and created a fun pack to practice addition with frogs.
It has small group and large group activities that children can engage in. It has something for your musical learners, for your kinesthetic learners and for your visual learners. Its a fun hands-on pack which will get your little mathematicians excited about doing addition.

The following snapshots are from the pack:

Few samples of the worksheets:

 Grab this pack from my TPT STORE and have some froggy fun!
Addition Activities(Frog Themed)

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Addition activities- Space Theme

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

CVC Word Families-Spin And Graph Activity Sheets!

I am all set to bid adieu to winters and can't wait for the beautiful spring season to start. Though, I am quite grateful that this year we didn't experience the harsh winters that we normally do. So while stashing my winter clothing away, I  thought of making a winter themed CVC activity to end the season. 
It is a fun and interactive activity which will surely get your students excited about reading.
Just print the sheets and attach a paperclip, to use as a spinner. Children will spin it, read the word and color in the box of that picture which matches the word.
These sheets will also help them to practice their comprehension skills as they will have to find the correct picture after reading the word.
There are 25 CVC word families in the pack. They can be used in the literacy centres or can even be sent for home practice.
Easy and effective and more enjoyable than a boring old worksheet!
Find the pack HERE.
Spin And Graph CVC Words!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine's Day Craft

Want to spruce up reading in your classroom or home?  Then try out these two cute reading props to get little children excited about reading.

Since valentine's is around the corner, I thought of making heart shaped reading glasses and a reading wand . You need colored pipe cleaners which you can easily procure from a craft's shop for these two props.

For the reading glasses, I made 2 small hearts. 

I cut a small section from the pipe cleaner to attach the two hearts .

Then added two more pipe cleaners on the sides to complete the glasses.

For the reading wand, I took pink pipe cleaners and a chop stick.

I twisted one pipe cleaner into a heart shape and then looped another one into it.

I rolled the pipe cleaner on the chopstick to make the wand firmer.

Hope you enjoyed these simple crafts.

For more valentine's day activities check out my other posts.

Valentine's Day Writing Sheets

Valentine Day Emergent Reader!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Books for valentine's day

According to me no celebration is complete without books. Books add a magical touch to any event and they are great discussion starters. There are some fabulous books which you can read in the month of February to celebrate valentine's day. These books are my personal favorites and they carry beautiful messages of love and make perfect read alouds for little kids.

This is a classic and if you haven't added it in your collection, you must do so now. A beautiful story of a nut brown hare and the love that he shares with his dad. The story will melt your heart and your kids would want you to read it again and again.

Image result for kissing hand
Many educators associate this book with the beginning of school year, but it can be a perfect read aloud during Valentine's day too. If "Guess how much I love you" talks about love between a child and a dad, this one talks about love between a raccoon and his mom. The mother soothes the nervous raccoon who doesn't want to go to school by placing a kiss on his palm. The book is a fascinating read and shouldn't be missed.

Huugy Kissy is my favorite because my little one adores it. This book is perfect for toddlers and even babies. They will completely associate with this book. After all who doesn't like kissing and hugging a baby?

"My heart is like a zoo", introduces different feelings that each of us have in our hearts. I love the heart shaped illustrations and the cuteness with which this book is written.

"Plant A Kiss", is a rhyming book with simple illustrations. It makes for a very interesting read and will teach your kids about kindness, giving and sharing.

Image result for The day it rained hearts
In the book,"The Day It Rained Hearts", Cornelia Augusta is a little girl who collects hearts when they fall from the sky and decides to make special valentine cards for her friends. An adorable book about friendship and love for the little ones.

Visit your local library and grab these books and have fun reading.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Valentine's Day Writing Activity!

What is love? It has varied definitions and different people have different perspectives about it. And kids are not far behind. Even at this tender age they can come up with their own idea of love.
Few years ago, I had asked this question to my class and was amazed by the responses. The sweet munchkins gave such cute replies that I was floored. For one boy love was going on a boat with his family and for another it was kissing his mom. Some kids associated love with sharing and helping others, while some said it was about receiving and giving gifts. One sweet girl said, " she feels loved when her friends played with her."

I noted all their responses on a heart shape and displayed it in the hall. And boy oh boy! we got a lot of compliments for our sweet thoughts.

This valentine's you can ask children to draw what they feel about love and if they are a little older, ask them to write their thoughts.

Grab this FREEBIE from my store and get the kids to do some fun writing. I can assure you it will put a big smile on your face.
Valentine's Day Writing Sheets

See my EMERGENT READER for valentine's day.

And do check out my old post on Valentine's Day for more ideas.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Valentine's Day Emergent Reader

Valentines day is around the corner and its a great day to talk about love that children share with their parents, feel for their grandparents, friends, teachers, siblings and other important people in their lives.

And since children spend a lot of time with their families at this young age, its best to start with a discussion about their families. I created a simple emergent reader with repetitive text for young readers. It focuses on sight words: 'I', 'My' and 'Love'.

Read it aloud to children and give them individual copies to read on their own. 

The books come in black and white and colored versions. They can fill color in the black and white version.

You can use this book for guided reading or simply place it in your literacy centers.

A glimpse from the book...

Grab your copy from HERE.
Valentine Day Emergent Reader!