Monday, 16 November 2015

Alphabet Books

I am ecstatic to share my first set of alphabet books that got published last week. I have always wanted to do dabble in content writing and when I got the opportunity to write for a publishing house, I was super excited. And surely my happiness knew no bounds when  the content materialized into a book. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who read my blog and purchase learning material from my TPT Store. It was TPT that got me hooked into writing lessons and activities for teachers across the world and that little start in November 2013 helped me believe that my content was meaningful and useful for teachers and aided the students learning process.

My books would be used in some 500 schools across India and I am glad that I will be making a small difference in the field of education.
This is the first set of books and there are more levels in the making.
If you are interested in getting the books for your little ones you can drop me an email at and I would happily send them across by mail for a minimal sum.
However a version of the book is also available on my TPT store. You can check it out HERE.
Alphabet Pack for Beginners

Friday, 6 November 2015

Friday Fine Motor Activity Fun!

This post should have been made last Friday, but my hands were full and I just couldn't bring myself to post on that day. So pardon me for it and I hope this activity(which was supposed to be the last fine motor activity for the month of October) will be enjoyed by you and your little ones.
It will take a little effort on your part to make it for your kids, but trust me it is worth the effort.All you need is some Elmer glue or fevicol as we call it in India and some paper. Make dots of glue on a thick paper in shapes of letters or numbers. Let it dry. Children can trace the invisible dots with their fingers.

A great way to get little children to practice writing letters and numbers and a fun way to develop those small muscles..

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Diwali Craft- Diya Making

Do you always get your kids to paint diyas every Diwali? Well, do something different this year with this fun idea. Get small wax diyas and gather some play dough and little decorative pieces.
Ask children to mold the play dough around the diyas and stick the little shapes around the play dough.

Sorry for the picture! Its a little unclear but I know you got the idea :)

Fast, effective and fun! And you have beautiful diyas to adorn your house on Diwali.

Diwali Activity

I am sharing a fun, non messy way to make rangoli for Diwali, with little kids this year. Just give them some foam shapes and let the magic unfold. 

I like children to get creative and come up with their own designs but if you want to give some scaffolding, you can draw the design with a marker and let them fill it up with shapes.

It is also a great way to quickly review shapes and colors and working with soft foam shapes will provide tactile experience for the little ones.
So go ahead and make rangoli with a twist this year!