Sunday, 30 August 2015

Community Helpers- Doctor

We started the unit on doctors by exploring nonfictional and fictional books.


The kids made a doctors craft and did some writing.

We also discussed the different kinds of doctors-surgeons, paramedics and pediatrics.
I integrated literacy into the unit and played a word surgery game. The idea came from Tunstalltimes.blogspot

We also made a doctors kit and an ambulance craft.

We recorded facts that we learnt about a doctor. You can download this sheet from 3dinosaurs.

We wrapped this week long unit by reading my doctor emergent reader book. Get your copy from my TPT STORE.

Children also explored the various tools that a doctor uses. I don't have a picture of them engaging in dramatic play but you can view how I had set up a dramatic play area previously by clicking HERE.

I will be sharing few activities about the community helper- dentist as well. So do come back to check them out.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to School Craft

If you are looking for a back to school craft that introduces children to the things in the classroom, then this craft would serve the purpose.
It is a simple backpack craft where children sort and paste things they use in the classroom.

Go over the rules on how to handle the stationery in the class and let children assemble the craft.
It has a template for the backpack.
Grab the craft from HERE.

Back To School Craft and Template

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wednesday Weekly Book Talk- Papa Please Get The Moon For Me

This week's book is "Papa Please Get The Moon For Me" by Eric Carle. Eric Carle needs no introduction. He is the king of children's books and all his books leave a lasting impression on little kiddos, You can use this book if you are teaching about the phases of the moon or when teaching letter M, like I did. 

"Moon", "Monica", "Mountain", "Me" were some of the words we discovered from letter M. It is a simple book with beautiful illustrations and very subtly introduces the phases of the moon. 

After reading the book, we followed up with a craft and a writing activity. I got this idea from Kindergarten Hoppenings.

The kid painted a sheet with blue paint and colored stars.
She wrote what she would do if she had the moon. This kid is only 4 years and is still learning to write, so I wrote out the words for her.

She added stairs and the crescent moon, since that's the shape she insisted on. Lastly she added her picture of climbing the stairs.

This is how the final product looked.

Don't miss out on reading this book to your kids.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Community Helpers

This topic is one of my favorites to teach because its so easy for children to connect the learning with their immediate environment. We are surrounded with people who help us, be it doctors, nurses, teachers or police officers. And in some point or the other, children have had contact with these professionals. So teaching this unit is fairly easy and the opportunities for pretend play are also immense with this topic. In short, I always feel successful as a teacher when teaching this unit ;)

 I love incorporating literacy into any thematic unit, so I created a set of emergent readers which kids enjoy reading. It has simple repetitive sentences and basic sight words which makes them easy to read. 

I also get my kids to create their own books to take home. They can record the information they have learnt about each community helper and read it to their parents.

A good way to recap all the big words is through vocabulary cards. Just cut the pictures and words apart and put them in a pocket chart. Children look at the pictures and match the correct word. I find this extremely helpful, especially for children who struggle with remembering big words. You can also print two copies and play a memory game with these cards

Another interesting activity is to do picture sorts. I normally keep this activity for assessing children's knowledge. I give them pictures of tools used by community helpers and they have to sort and stick the correct pictures for each community helper.

If you would like to get these activities, visit my TPT STORE.
Community Helpers- A Literacy Unit!

I will be sharing more ideas that I do with this unit, so stay tuned!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Consonant Blend Activities

I started a lesson on blends this week with my kiddos as they have already mastered reading and writing CVC words but was surprised to find that there aren't too many resources on the web to teach blends.
I searched a lot and finally settled on one product-By Tweet Resources.

But I was motivated to create something of my own to add to this product, so I made a board game(my new obsession), a fun dice game and few other activities to get my students excited.
But the most exciting part of this lesson was the blueberry milkshake! Yup, you read it correctly.
We started by making a delicious shake with fresh blueberries in a blender as both the words start with the blend- bl.

Much to my surprise, few kids didn't know what a blender was so this activity was a good experience for them.
We followed it up with a blender craft. Sorry! I don't have a picture for this activity.

We read the emergent reader.

                   I cut up the word cards and allowed the kids to match the words to the pictures.

We also did a picture and word sort of words beginning with 'b' and 'bl'.

 The kids always enjoy reading when you add a fun element to it. And in this case it was only a dice. But the kids enjoy the process of rolling the dice and finding the words and of course whoever completes the sheet first gets to be the winner.

We also practiced spelling the words, though it was a little challenging. 
We used sound cards and my favorite - board game to read more words beginning with the blend "bl".

All these activities can be found in my TPT STORE.
Blends- 'Bl' Pack

Hope you enjoyed them and if you do something exciting while teaching blends, do share as I would love to get more creative and inspired.

And do come back for more blend packs in the future.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Elmer The Elephant- Weekly Wednesday Book Talk

Today's book is about a colorful elephant who doesn't really like his beautiful colors. "Elmer" by David Mckee is a must read for many reasons.

You can use this book if you are teaching about:

doing a unit on elephants,
teaching the letter Ee or
teaching children that being different is a unique thing.

Elmer is not fond of his colors. He wants to be like other elephants. But the other elephants adore him because he makes them laugh. One day he decides to color himself grey and realizes that it really didn't make a difference to his herd. They loved him for who he was, not his colors.

After reading the book,we sponge painted Elmer.

Since I was using this book to teach letter Ee, we did a lot of fun activities like counting elephants, Color by number, find the letter Ee and some plain old writing of letter Ee.

This book captivates the attention of children as it is full of colors. And it conveys a beautiful message of accepting everyone in a very simple way. So grab this book if you still haven't and read it to your little ones. They will surely enjoy it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

My newest alphabet pack is ready and it is perfect for three to four year olds who are just starting to explore the abstract world of letters. 

The pack has alphabet posters which are fantastic for a visual stimulus. Just hang them in your classrooms or put them in a binder for little ones to look at. 

In this pack, the focus is on uppercase letters for the simple reason that they are easy to form. I am totally on the side of educators who feel that stress should be laid on lowercase letters because that's what children see most in print when reading but if your child is learning letters for the first time, capital letters makes sense. The little fingers need to first learn to form their straight lines and slanting lines before moving on to curves.

The pack  has simple writing sheets which your kids will enjoy doing as the space is not limited.

And for that phonological awareness skill, there are rhymes for each letter. Just print and sing! You could ask children to listen for rhyming words or if they are ready, words beginning with a particular letter.

Grab this product from MY TPT STORE.
Alphabet Pack for Beginners

I have lots of alphabet packs which you can use in your classroom or at home. Scroll down to check them out.
If you are looking for a comprehensive pack to use the entire year, check out my Back To School Alphabet Resource. You can read more about it HERE.
Back to School Alphabet Pack

If you are focusing on beginning sounds then this PACK is perfect.Alphabet- Beginning Sounds Pack

A fun monster themed alphabet pack! In this pack you will find lots of hands on activities.Get it from HERE.
Alphabet- Monster themed letter pack

If you want some word wall cards, then this is perfect. Click HERE to get it.
Alphabet Word wall cards
My TPT store is on 20/%sale tomorrow, so do check them out.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Independence Day

Today I am sharing a free number game which you can incorporate, if teaching a unit on India or doing activities related to the Independence Day.

It is a board game which can be played with two players or even a single player.

Download this freebie by clicking HERE.
India Number Board Game Freebie!

My little kiddos worked on learning what each color of the national flag signifies. And we followed it up with a kite craft with Tricolors. Children tore the colored paper into little bits and stuck on the kite. Great activity for those fine motor skills!

Hope you enjoyed viewing these. If you try them out with your children, I would love to know how it went.

Indian Independence Day- Weekly Wednesday Book Talk

"We,The Children Of India" is a very simple book written for children above 6 years by former chief justice Leila Seth. Her book talks about  the constitution of India in an uncomplicated manner. It has numerous photographs and colorful illustrations which makes the understanding of concepts easier for visual learners. 

Since Indian Independence day is fast approaching , this book is a perfect read for young learners who are keen to learn more about their country.

Few glimpses from the book:

Grab your copy from HERE.