Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Good Morning!  Its Wacky Wednesday !!

Wacky Wednesday is a day which brings with it fun, enjoyment, excitement and lot of laughter. And sure enough my kids were super excited when they came to know that we would be celebrating Wacky Wednesday in school. 
We basically linked the day with letter w and decided to bring in some fun element.

You can download the above sheet and the name tag by clicking HERE
Wacky Wednesday Freebie
I also found a letter related to Wacky Wednesday on which you can send home to the parents.

The day was packed with fun and excitement and the kids didn't want it to end. I didn't want the day to end either because learning happened in such a stress free and fun way but nonetheless i had to tell myself and the kiddos the famous quote by the man himself:

And a promise that we would do something crazy like this again !

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Weekly Book Talk Tuesday

Eric Carle and his books need no introduction. His stories are loved by children and his books cover a wide range of topics.
The Tiny Seed is one such book that goes wonderfully with the unit on plants.
One can use this book to discuss a variety of things:
How seeds get transported
The different seasons
How plants grow
What plants need in order to grow

The book talks about the journey of a tiny seed who overcomes all odds to grow into a beautiful giant flower.

After I read the book to my class , I let my kids sequence it as a whole group. 

They then draw their own version of The Tiny Seed.

Sheet for writing the story

We also make giant flowers. We use red, yellow and orange to sponge paint the flower.

The book is a great investment and the story line can also be used for putting up a skit for an assembly.

You could visit Eric Carle's website, for some more fun ideas.

Happy Reading!

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Independance Day

 Happy Independence day to all Indians and a salute to all the martyrs who got us our independence and gave us the freedom that we all cherish.
Independence day in schools is celebrated with gusto across India. The celebrations start as early as mid July and the school hallways come alive with the Tri Colors. 

Children get involved in making crafts, putting up plays depicting the freedom struggle and learning about India in general.

Its a great time to talk about the national symbols and the national flag with the little ones.

I found a great resource from to make a collage about India.

Children can make crafts for each national symbol.
The national flower- Lotus
 The national bird's(Peacock) feather
 The national animal-Tiger

I love reading the book I is for India by Prodeepta Das to children.
I also found some great activities from which children can do independently in their workstations.

This is a laminated sheet . Children can draw tiger stripes.

India Flag Puzzle

 Tiger lacing card

 My kids made Tri Color wrist bands to commemorate the occasion.

I created a printable book to read aloud to kids. It also has few activities to recap the national symbols.You can download it from HERE.
Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Problem Solving

I love it when a simple activity takes a complete turn and challenge children to think and come up with solutions. My kinders are still learning letters and we occasionally play games to reinforce sounds. So it was the turn of letter b and I told the kiddos that they would get to burst a balloon if they could come up with a word beginning with the letter b. No where in the plan this activity was meant to teach children to problem solve but it did exactly that and our focus kinda shifted from learning words beginning with b to finding ways of bursting the balloons. I didn't really mind it because problem solving is an important part of executive functions. And research shows that executive function is a better predictor of academic success than IQ.

Reasoning and the ability to solve problems are also termed as fluid intelligence which is one of the components of human intelligence, the other being crystallized intelligence which involves the various memory systems of the brain. Both these components are used by all of us to survive and succeed in the ever changing world.
Children experience many problem solving situations in a day like taking turns, solving conflicts, waiting for their turn etc. As Educators, we can teach them steps to solve problems by discussing in a group, through puppets, stories and role plays.
One of the strategies i like to use in my classroom is called the "De-Bug" System. It is not a novel strategy and has been around for a long time but the ideas for the system comes from the children. And that makes it unique and easy for them to remember it.
You can download the poster for free from HERE

I also have a set of individual cards for the above steps. It has visual cues which children can refer to.
They can use the solution cards and sort their differences or problems.
Problem Solving Cards
You can download this product from my TPT STORE
Hope these strategies prove effective in your classrooms.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weekly Book Talk

I adore books written by Kevin Henkes because his stories are extremely captivating and can help steer the imagination of young kids. "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" is an all time favorite but today i am going to talk about another book written by him called "My Garden".

The little girl in the book talks about her magical garden where the flowers change colors and the rabbits are made out of chocolate. She lets her imagination run wild and talks about having a  jelly bean bush and some unusual stuff like umbrellas and buttons which suddenly pops up in her garden.

I use this book during our unit on Plants. It is a great imagination stirrer and gets the kids super excited to talk about their magical garden.

I give this sheet to let children express their creativity. It is always a hit and kids have a blast.

You can download the sheet by clicking HERE !

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