Saturday, 23 November 2013

I am finally here

After years of contemplating to write my own blog about something that I am so passionate about, I finally decided to start today. I don't have valid reasons for procrastinating for so long, maybe I was too busy reading other people's blogs and collecting ideas on Pinterest... :) but as the saying goes it's never too late . The reason why I am doing a blog is because I feel there is so much one can do as an educator. Especially in the field of early childhood education. These are the most fundamental years of learning and as educators there is a huge responsibility to lay a strong foundation.
I have always taken to books and the internet to see how i can make learning fun for my sweet kids. And there are a plethora of ideas out there. There are wonderful teachers across the globe who have inspired me especially Deanna Jump who kinda introduced me to the world of blogging. I owe a lot of my learning to her. I am also a huge follower of blogs named kinder gals and kinder by Kim . It is through these blogs, that I have picked up great ideas which i implemented in my classroom. Motivation and inspiration is always required in our field and it is through sharing that it happens.
Through my blog I would  like to share ideas and lessons which I do with my  kindergartens and also create lessons which might be useful to other educators, parents and anybody who deals with little children. Pardon me if I ramble about some other things apart from teaching :) I will come back with ideas on my favorite unit -sea animals.

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