Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Under the Sea...continued

The big day came and went in a jiffy! It's ironical that all the hard work, effort, toil, planning, creating and execution doesn't really seem a big deal when the event gets over. Its leaves an empty feeling, not of dissatisfaction but something which i can't really explain. Probably because the event itself doesn't last too long but the process really does! But i don't carry any regrets for putting in the long hours because the entire journey of learning turned out to be full of excitement for the little ones. And the end result was really worth the while. 
I am sharing few pictures of activities that my kiddos did while learning about sea animals. I tried to integrate all aspects of learning and do activities which kids could connect with and see the purpose behind it.

I integrated literacy into the unit and we did interactive writing for all the animals that we learnt about.

 We made beach books in which children wrote what they would like to do on the beach.

We drew the picture of a sea animal that we would love to be.

 Since my children have started reading CVC words, they wrote words of their choice on submarines. The idea came from Deanna Jump.

 We read a lot of poems related to sea and made illustrations for our poetry journals.

The book "How deep is the sea?" was a wonderful read and the kids drew their favorite page from the story.

The dramatic play area was the most exciting place for kids.There was a submarine, a pirate's hat, sarongs, scuba diver equipment, shells, sand and much more for the kids to enjoy.

We played a lot of number and visual discrimination games at the 'theme' center.

Math was never so much fun! Graphs, number correspondence and pre-addition activities 
got integrated into the theme.

Inside the crab, i stuck a math fact and children tried solving it.

 We made the suckers of the Octopus according to the number on its arm.

Ocean Graph !

The kids did lots of craft activities after learning facts about the animals.

Sponge painted Sea Horse and glittery Starfish!.

 Paper Bag Fish!

 Beware of the Sharks! The template came from Deanna Jump.

And last but not the least i gave the kiddos some fine motor practice. They cut the tentacles of the Jelly Fish and sang the three Jelly Fish song. I found this cute idea HERE.

 I made a little fish gift for my sweet cupcakes. The pack had 'kisses' inside it. The template can be found HERE

Hope you enjoyed reading about these activities as much as i enjoyed doing them.

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