Monday, 9 February 2015

Rhyming activities

This post is a continuation of my old post why is rhyming important ? Children love rhyming and doing fun activities to promote rhyming only enhances their love for it. So after you have done the singing bit, what else can you do? Below, i have listed a few activities that i know for sure will be a hit with the kiddos. Yup! they are tried and tested, so go ahead and do them without a hitch.

Activity 1

I sing this song to add a fun element to the activity. I downloaded it from
rhyming basket pic

Activity 2

 Download the story by clicking on the image below

Activity 3

Activity 4
Rhyme Go Fish!
This game is great for emerging readers and is best played in a small group.
To play the game, put all the cards upside down. Each player takes five cards.
Player one asks another player, "Do you have a word that rhymes with cat?"
If the player has the word, he will hand it to the first player. If not, he will say, Nope! Go Fish! Play continues until the first player has no cards in his hand.

These activities will not consume too much of your class time but can be incorporated through the day as filler activities.
 Phonological awareness is an integral part of literacy and these small steps to develop it, can't be missed. I was fortunate to attend a wonderful workshop on reading and gained a deeper understanding of why such activities are essential for a good reading foundation. All the activities mentioned in this post were learnt in that workshop.Learning Matters, India is doing a fabulous job in the field of education. If you are keen on knowing more about them,then you can click HERE

Hope you will enjoy doing these activities with your kids. In my next post i will come up with a list of books you can read to children to strengthen their rhyming skills.

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