Wednesday, 18 March 2015

No Worksheet Wednesdays

 I am linking up with The Primary Chalkboard for No Worksheet Wednesdays. I have tremendous respect for teachers who make an initiative to go beyond the mundane worksheets and make learning exciting for their students. 
Doing hands on activities with the kids not only excites the children but makes the whole planning and execution part interesting for the teachers too.
Today i will share a few hands on activities that i do with my kids when we read CVC words. The school year has ended in India and our next session will start only in April so i will share activities that i have done in the past with my kids.

We first read words as a whole group on our word slide.

Then we bring in a little movement and read words by jumping on the letters and blending at the end.

Children then work in small groups to make and record CVC words using various manipulatives.

Old glue stick bottle caps with different letters imprinted on it.

 Letter tiles

 Foam Letter Tiles

Magnetic Letters

These activities make the emergent readers excited about their learning and they feel confident when they are in charge. They have freedom to create any word with the manipulatives and they learn reading without any pressure. I will definitely be back next Wednesday to share more hands on activities.