Monday, 27 June 2016

Rhyming with Ten Apples up on Top!

Splat those delicious apples! We read the adorable book "Ten Apples up on Top" By Dr Seuss and couldn't resist making these yummy, deep red and soft apples. Ok! they are not edible but they turned out so nice, that I actually wanted to take a bite out of them. I got my inspiration from SUGAR AUNTS!

 Now I am going to deviate a bit and talk about mentioning or giving credit to people from whom you take inspiration. All it takes is a few words and social media has made that job so easy for us. Even if you don't want to stress the muscles of your mouth by saying that "I loved your activity" to the person concerned, you can only press few buttons on your keyboard and type a few words and let them know. Easy Peasy! Somehow I never get why people find it difficult to appreciate. After all, teachers learn from other teachers. You don't lose anything by expressing your gratitude!

Enough said on that. Back to the apples. All you need is flour and water and some red food colouring. Mix them all up and throw in some cotton balls. Let children mix and bake them in an oven for an hour.

Add some pipe cleaners and leaves. I just made holes in the leaves and passed the pipe cleaner from it. Then pressed it on the baked apple.

Now start the game.Print out the rhyming cards. The words are from the book “Ten Apples up on Top!” By Dr Seuss.
Encourage children to tell you a word that rhymes with the word on the card. If they come up with a correct word, let them take an apple from the basket and splat the apple. Whoever splats the maximum apples, is the winner.

I loved how this game out. It was pure fun and  great learning time for kids. Printable of the game coming soon.

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