Monday, 23 December 2013


Christmas is one festival which is celebrated with  much gusto in India just like the festival of lights- Diwali. It brings with it cheer , joy and Holidays! :) Our school celebrates Christmas with a lot of enthusiasm. Each teacher in school has become a Secret Santa for another teacher. Everybody receives a message/gift/ basically something to uplift the persons spirit. I think it is a wonderful way to appreciate each other and make somebody's day. I have been relying heavily on Pinterest to find some creative gift ideas. These are a few that i sent across:
This was a pack of popcorn with a tag that said "For a very popular teacher". I downloaded the template from
 I also sent a pair of scissors with a note that said "You are a cut above the rest"

This was a chocolate which i wrapped in white paper and made a snowman on it to give a festive feel.

Classroom decorations were in full swing and my door idea came from pinterest.

Rudolph is my favorite reindeer. He had to show up in my class!

Children made snowmen and gingerbread men.

We even did a countdown for Christmas by adding a puff of white on Santa's beard. The template is from

Since , children always talk about what all they would like to get from Santa during Christmas, i thought it would be an appropriate time to introduce the concept of giving and why its important. I used the book, "The giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.
Children made illustrations on what all they would like to give to others.
While most talked about giving materialistic things, some sweeties really got thinking and came up with  wonderful responses 

It touched my heart to see how fantastically children responded to the idea of giving to others.

And since we are talking about giving, I made few printable's of Christmas songs. You can download them for free by clicking on the images below.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

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