Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Transportation Pack

Happy New Year to all the fantastic people out there.I had a great start to the year as i rang in the new year at the White Beach in Boracay, Philippines. It is an amazing place with fantastic beaches, great food and spas!
 I also went back to Singapore to relive the best years of my life so far ..... even though it was only for a few days :(  i felt rejuvenated, happy, calm, ecstatic and on top of the world. Though i was feeling bad about coming back to the chaos and craziness that defines my life at the moment, i  decided to stick by the lines of Dr Seuss to help my self feel a little better and it did help :)
"Don't be sad that its over, be happy that it happened"

And sure enough the muddle and laziness of the vacation did evaporate in thin air after going back to school.But i will start enjoying school once the kids come back... yup they get extended holidays!!

I was doing the unit on transportation in my class before the holidays and thought of creating some activities for independent and group work for my kiddos. I have completed it and  posted the unit on TPT . You can click on the link to download it
                                                         Transportation Pack

 I am also sharing few pictures of the things i did in my class. This is a center area with toy cars and road signs.

I made cutouts of different vehicles and wrote facts on each and used it for interactive reading.

Children learnt a poem about traffic light and made their own craft. They tried spelling the colors of the traffic light.

 This is a bulletin board which displays children's craft work.

While learning about water transport, we did an experiment on floating and sinking. Children first predicted and then made recordings of what will float and what will sink.

This is a display of all the craft activities they did related to the topic.

Since the topic will be continued this month , i will come back to post more pictures and ideas.

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