Friday, 28 February 2014

Teaching children to resolve conflicts

The academic year is nearing an end but i feel sometimes children behave like they haven't learnt anything about sharing and getting along with one other. My kids have been getting into small fights and arguments with each other and they come running to me with the minutest of problems, even though we have a system in place for it.
They would all move into different sections next year and i want them to cherish their friendship with each other rather than getting into a scuffle and turning grumpy. So in order to restore peace back in my class, I read children a book called "Neelu and Peelu". The book is about friendship and it deals with concepts of selfishness and pride but also talks about qualities of a true friend.

It was just the book that i needed and used it to talk about the conflict situation arising frequently and what we could do to solve it.

And when children respond and give their views, its like they are the wisest people on Planet Earth ! 
Well i was super happy to know that subconsciously they know whats the right thing to do.Its just that they need that little push at times.
We also revisited our De-Bug system. Its basically few strategies which children use to come out of a problem situation independently.

 If you are interested in downloading the poster, you could click on the link below:

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  1. Thanks Neha, you give me a direction to run my class