Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Its that time of the year when a teacher with a heavy heart has to bid adieu to her little angels whom she has worked with for the whole year. I am always melancholic during this time of the year and when my little sugar plums tell me that they will miss me a lot, it just makes my heart melt. But  i don't want to appear dispirited and want my kiddos to cherish and celebrate their last few days in kindergarten. We have been doing a lot of fun stuff and all of us seem to be having a blast !
We made a countdown chain and recite a chant everyday to remind us how many days are left.

I also hung three balloons for the last three days. 

We will burst one balloon everyday and find simple surprises inside it. Today we had our snack outdoors and played some of our favorite games. We will also have an ice cream party and a movie day with popcorn in the coming days.

Children talked about the things they enjoyed the most in kindergarten and drew their illustrations.

They also made their graduation portrait and expressed what they will miss the most about kindergarten.

I displayed all their portraits on our class door.

I am intending to give them a sweet poem which i downloaded from Pinterest and a chocolate with a message. The poem is wrapped as a scroll.

If you like these activities you could download my graduation pack from TPT store. Click on the link below :

I have altered the countdown chant and  'Things i enjoyed the most in kindergarten' sheet  in my pack. Once you go to my store, you will be able to see the new ones.
I will post some more pictures later. Till then enjoy teaching !

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