Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Weekly Book Talk Tuesday

Eric Carle and his books need no introduction. His stories are loved by children and his books cover a wide range of topics.
The Tiny Seed is one such book that goes wonderfully with the unit on plants.
One can use this book to discuss a variety of things:
How seeds get transported
The different seasons
How plants grow
What plants need in order to grow

The book talks about the journey of a tiny seed who overcomes all odds to grow into a beautiful giant flower.

After I read the book to my class , I let my kids sequence it as a whole group. 

They then draw their own version of The Tiny Seed.

Sheet for writing the story

We also make giant flowers. We use red, yellow and orange to sponge paint the flower.

The book is a great investment and the story line can also be used for putting up a skit for an assembly.

You could visit Eric Carle's website, www.eric-carle.com for some more fun ideas.

Happy Reading!

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  1. The Tiny Seed is one of our "go-to" books every spring.