Thursday, 14 August 2014

Independance Day

 Happy Independence day to all Indians and a salute to all the martyrs who got us our independence and gave us the freedom that we all cherish.
Independence day in schools is celebrated with gusto across India. The celebrations start as early as mid July and the school hallways come alive with the Tri Colors. 

Children get involved in making crafts, putting up plays depicting the freedom struggle and learning about India in general.

Its a great time to talk about the national symbols and the national flag with the little ones.

I found a great resource from to make a collage about India.

Children can make crafts for each national symbol.
The national flower- Lotus
 The national bird's(Peacock) feather
 The national animal-Tiger

I love reading the book I is for India by Prodeepta Das to children.
I also found some great activities from which children can do independently in their workstations.

This is a laminated sheet . Children can draw tiger stripes.

India Flag Puzzle

 Tiger lacing card

 My kids made Tri Color wrist bands to commemorate the occasion.

I created a printable book to read aloud to kids. It also has few activities to recap the national symbols.You can download it from HERE.
Have a great weekend and enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

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