Friday, 5 September 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teaching is an extremely challenging yet rewarding profession. Teachers have an immense power to shape future generations and ignite the spark of learning. I feel blessed to be in this profession for many reasons. In no other job, can you get an opportunity to touch and inspire so many lives. Its a fascinating experience to see little eyes gazing at you with wonder, emulating all that you say and do. One of my favorite teacher quote is by Henry Adams.

influence leadership quote

I really believe in it because teachers enliven lives and play a major role in molding children's  personalities.
It is a huge responsibility but also an exciting one . If you are a a teacher you are also a life long learner because you are constantly evolving and growing and discovering new ideas. And its a great platform to explore your own creativity.You also get to give and receive unconditional love. So it is undoubtedly the most amazing profession to be in.

I am writing about teaching today because in India we celebrate teachers day on 5th September. It is the birth date of the second president of India and a great academic philosopher, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

And as i express gratitude for all my teachers who helped me grow into the individual that i am today, i  must say that i remember them, not for what they taught me but for the fact that they loved me and believed in me. And now that i am a teacher, i constantly strive to make the same connection with my kids.

It's a great day because i get showered with loads of love from my little kiddos. And i was really touched today when a grandfather of a child made an effort to come and express his gratitude. He was in tears while remembering his teachers and school days.
See ! what i mean by the role of  a teacher in a child's life. 

 And its especially touching when your ex students come up to you to show their love.
One of my little sugar plum who is now in second grade thinks i am the prettiest teacher.

And then there's another girl ,whom i taught last year who wants to kiss me every time she sees me....sometimes i get kissed up to 10 times in a day.

All these little gestures add to the beauty of this profession and it makes it worth the while.

I can't end this post without showing you this little owl card. It is my favorite {I am partial to owls :) }because it was given to me by someone who loves me a lot and who inspires me to do my best every single day.

Happy teachers day to all the wonderful teachers out there who strive to make a difference in the lives of the young.

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