Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Weekly Book Talk

The book that i would be sharing today can be used at the beginning of a school year but is also a great read if you have to revisit class rules. Revisiting rules and expectations is indispensable if you have to make them effective. I am always on a lookout of great books which talks about manners and being nice to each other. And 'Clifford's Good Manners' is one such handy book. 
Kids love the big red dog that Clifford is and get fully engaged in his stories.
This book is a great discussion starter and children will relate with all the manners that Clifford displays in the book.
After reading the book, i let children color Clifford and think of one manner that they would love to display.

Clifford's Good Manners

You can download the activity sheet from  HERE

The link up is with Deanna Jump.

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