Friday, 16 October 2015

Halloween-Friday Fine Motor Activity Fun

This Friday, I am sharing cutting strips (Halloween Theme) for your little ones. All you need is a child friendly scissor and the printable of the cutting strips which you can download from HERE.

  Sorry about the picture being upside down! Sometimes blogger gets very stubborn with regards to images. ;)
Cutting strips of paper with a scissor is great for developing fine motor skills. You don't have to give children directed lines to cut. Simply put scrap paper out for them and let them cut the paper. You can even let them cut play dough with scissors to begin with.

If you are introducing scissors for the first time to your child you can use this fun chant which I found on  TPT.
Scissor Chant- A Song Chart
So grab the free printable and let kids have fun cutting.
Halloween Cutting Strips

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