Saturday, 3 October 2015

Pumpkins-Friday Fine Motor Activity Fun

This month, I will be sharing some fine motor activities which you guys can use with little kiddos. And since this is the onset of fall, today I will share free pumpkin number cards which you can download and use in a variety of ways. I used them to help build the fine motor skills of my students apart from the number correspondence skill.

The kids can use tongs/chopsticks to pick up pumpkin seeds or any other manipulative. I used small orange colored pom poms. The kids put the pom poms on the number card and then transferred it to the pumpkin bowl. They can use their fingers or the chopsticks to transfer. I asked them to do this because I was also working on counting as a skill. They got to count the total number of pom poms at the end of the activity.

This is a super simple activity but it works beautifully to develop the finger muscles.
Try it out and let your kids have some pumpkin fun.

Get the number cards from HERE.
Pumpkin Number Cards (1-10)

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