Thursday, 31 March 2016

Bunny/Spring Number Correspondence

Even though Easter has ended, my fascination for all things bunny hasn't gone down. Hence this post! I was super excited to use these bunnies for a quick number correspondence game.

I wanted to make this into a 'move and learn' kinda activity than  just a table top one. Though it can be used in both ways.

I placed number carrots inside the bunnies and put them in a basket.

 I placed the carrot cards around the room. 

Children open up a bunny and read the number.(Great for developing those fine motor skills!) They then move around the room to find the corresponding card to the number.(Gross Motor Development!) They come back and place it next to the bunny.
So with just one game you can focus on developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills and cognitive skills in children.

If you can't find these bunnies, don't fret. I made bunny number cards which you can use instead. 

You can also use this in your math center. Just mix up all the number and picture cards and let children match the number and corresponding carrot card till they get all of them correct.

Download this game from HERE!
Bunny/Spring Number Correspondence

Please leave a comment if you use this game.

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