Thursday, 10 March 2016

Books to read during the spring season!

Spring is finally here and its a joy to awake to the sounds of chirping birds, Flowers are in full bloom and I can even spot few butterflies in my garden. The weather is perfect and one can spend a reasonable amount of time outside without feeling too hot or cold. So to welcome the season, our spring books have come out and we are engaging in a lot of Spring/Easter alphabet and number games.

But in this post I will talk about some of my favorite read alouds during spring season.

Image result for my garden by kevin henkes
This is undoubtedly my favorite book. It tells the story of a girl who imagines and plants her own garden. This book is great to get the creative juices flowing.After reading it, you can let children  draw and write about their own beautiful gardens.

Grab this FREEBIE for the activity!
Activity Sheet based on the book "My Garden" by Kevin Henkes

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus - HarperCollins
This book has simple words and illustrations. Its about a boy who plants a carrot seed and believes that it will grow.

The Tiny Seed
You can use this Eric Carle book to talk about seasons, germination of seeds and how seeds get transported. You can follow up with a fun plant craft after reading this book.

Once I made these gigantic flowers with my kids.

Use this book to talk about colors and different kinds of flowers. Give children seeds of different flowers to plant their own rainbow gardens.

This book is a story about a father and a son growing their own vegetables and then using them  to make soup. After reading the book, you can ask children what veggies they would like to grow and put in their soup.

So visit your local library and start reading!

And since this a great time to introduce the topic of plants, you can check out my Plant Unit for some fun ideas. Do come back for some Spring/Easter ideas that I will be sharing soon.

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