Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Earth Day- Garbage Truck Craft

Earth Day is around the corner and we have been reading some great books to find out different ways in which we can take care of Planet Earth. Reducing waste and throwing trash in the bin is one of the key points we talk about.We discuss in detail about what is trash and why we shouldn't throw it around.

We also discuss who collects the trash, when we throw it in the bin? That's where this fantastic book" I Stink" by Kate and Jim Mc Mullan comes in.

Its about a garbage truck and how it helps us.The book is like an autobiography of a garbage truck where the truck talks about himself in a hilarious way.

The book is also great for discussing what goes in trash and what can be recycled.

A simple book that will teach children how trash reaches the landfill.

We make a garbage truck craft and draw things that can be collected by the truck.

Get the template of the craft from my TPT STORE.

We sing this cute song to remember that trash goes in the bin.

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Earth Day Activities!

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