Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Earth Day Unit!

It sounds ironical but as I am growing older I  think I  am becoming attention deficit. My wavering focus and fickle mind is surely not helping me to concentrate on one thing. I say that because I so excitedly started work on my bee unit for which I had some fabulous ideas but then when I got up today morning, I had this great desire to create something for Earth Day. So the bee unit when on the back burner and am not sure weather it will see the light of the day for some time now. Because along with the Earth day unit, I also got some ideas for 'Mothers Day' and 'Back to school'. But the good news is that it didn't take me too long to put everything together for the Earth day unit and I completed it with full focus.So maybe I mustn't worry too much about ADD!

And if you are looking for some interesting literacy activities for Earth Day, grab this unit right away.
Earth Day Activities!

The unit has posters in color and black and white which you can use for discussion and coloring respectively. 

Print the emergent reader to use during independent reading time or guided reading. Children can color the pictures if they like. On the last page, they can write and draw one thing they would like to do for Planet Earth. Few glimpses of the book:

The unit also contain puzzles.

An activity sheet to recap the whole unit. Cut the pictures at the bottom of the page and match with the correct sentence.

This unit is on sale this week as I am linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten.

Hop over to my TPT Store to get this unit for a 20% discount, only for this week.

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