Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Foam Shapes and Numbers!

Foam shapes are such a fabulous tool to get children to count, learn shapes/colors and to build their imagination.
My main objective for the kids while doing this activity was to help them to count but it brought out many other aspects of learning and that made me very glad.

I simply gave children some foam shapes and asked them to create something out of it. They used their creativity and made many designs.
I encouraged them to copy their designs on paper because I wanted to record it but you can eliminate this step if you like.
After they finished making their designs (give them plenty of time to complete), I asked them to count the shapes used in making the designs. Some of them even recorded the number.

A transformer!

A bow!


A lion!

If you note, children even attempted to write what they had made. So we were able to incorporate literacy too!
It is a simple activity with no preparation but brings out beautiful results. Do try it out with your class.

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