Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Holi- A Unit On Colors

Finally, this mama and teacher bear has come out of her hibernation and of course the reason is the beautiful spring time! 
With spring, comes the festival of colors for north Indians though now the festival has gained popularity across the globe. Read THIS POST to know more about the festival.

Colors are symbolic to this festival, so I thought of creating a unit to teach little children about different colors using the theme of Holi.
Holi- An Indian Festival Of Colors

It has a range of hands on activities that children will enjoy doing.

Sorting activity with balloons.

Roll the dice and graph different colors.

Clip Cards to practice those fine motor skills.

I Spy different colors.

Color word maze.

If you would like to get these, click HERE.

They are sure to add fun to the other holi based activities that you would be doing in your class.

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