Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Manners and a unit on Feelings

Few weeks of school have passed smoothly but my class still needs to get a hang of classroom expectations and good manners. So i decided to use the story  "The day a monster came to school" by Kathleen Pedersen. I downloaded the free unit from her blog
It has a story, fantastic pictures to form class rules and great posters to encourage whole body listening.
Kids had fun listening to the story and found it funny to imagine a monster in school.
We brainstormed appropriate and inappropriate behavior and made our manners chart. 

We made our own monsters and children talked about good choices.

We also sang the five little monsters song. The idea came from Deanna Jump's blog.I made finger puppets to go along with the song.

Children had a blast learning about manners through this unit. I am hoping that their enthusiasm to make good choices won't diminish any time soon. Which teacher doesn't like a class full of kids who make good choices especially with LISTENING ! 

We also did a mini lesson on feelings last week. We touched on four basic feelings- happy, sad, angry and scared. We sorted various pictures and made a collage.

I made some activities for center work.

 You can download by clicking on the link below:
 This is a feelings chart that i made for each child. Children circle the feeling with which they relate. Click on the picture to download

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