Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sound Muncher

Sometimes an idea gets stuck in your mind and you are forced to leave everything and work solely on that idea till it takes shape. So the creative bug bit me last night while i was on pinterest and couldn't sleep because tons of ideas were playing in my head while i was going on pinning.
I've spent many nights up past my bed time pinning my life away! LOL

I had to force my self to shut pinterest down, but sleep was no where near. So I decided to get up and work on my sound muncher project which was completely not in my agenda of things. Even though i had got my fair share of inspiration from pinterest i really didn't know where to start.

That came from Pinterest too :)

So i got myself ready and voila in one hour flat i completed my Monster themed letter pack.
Monster themed letter pack
My previous sound muncher had to be revamped. He is sitting happily next to my brain break basket in this picture !

I didn't have any time in the beginning of school year to make him look fancy, but hey summer breaks for teachers are meant to complete all incomplete projects. :)

So I decided to turn the regular muncher into a monster muncher since my kiddos were super excited about the monster theme during the manners unit. And i think he turned out cute.

I also made a letter monster wand.

Children will use him to find and say the sounds of letters.

After they will feed the muncher with words beginning with a particular letter, i will let them draw all the objects they fed him. Feeding the muncher will be a large group activity and drawing on the paper will be an individual activity. Drawing will help to consolidate the whole group activity as children will learn to focus and observe the words being fed to the muncher.

I will also place my muncher in the center and let children feed him magnetic letters. After feeding him they will circle the letters which they fed the muncher in the sheet below.

In the pack, i have also included uppercase and lowercase monster letter cards which children can match and then feed the muncher.

There are some more cards which i will laminate and put in a binder ring so children can draw various objects beginning with each letter.

 And a fun poster which i will hang next to my monster muncher

Hope you liked all these fun activities. If you would like to download them click on the link below:

Monster themed letter pack

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