Thursday, 16 April 2015

Earth Day

Earth day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. I use the entire week to talk about the three R's and my kids engage in fun activities during this week. 

I do a little discussion with my kiddos about things we can do that would make Earth happy and sad.

They do an individual activity where they write about one thing they would do to make Planet Earth happy.

We talk about what is trash and how we can reduce and reuse waste items. We follow it up with a garbage truck craft where children draw different things they throw in trash.

They get waste material from home and we sort it into different bags -plastic, cans and paper which we then send to a recycling unit.

Children also make things out of the waste. Its a great way to get their creative juices to flow.

We use old newspapers to make bags which we use to carry our books and folders home.

We read many books on the topic. Some of my favorite are

 My class also sings a fun song. You can download it by clicking HERE

My Earth Day unit contains some of the activities mentioned above.

Earth Day

Have fun using them but please leave a comment if you download. Creating free stuff requires a lot of hard work too !

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