Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Math- Addition Fun

I didn't realize that a simple counting song could be used to teach children addition in such a fun way till i started working on the activities. My intention was just to make an 'add one more to a number' book but it got me thinking and i made few more activities for differentiated work for those smartie pants which can be found in all classrooms.

Sing the song "5 little astronauts" which you can download from

Get the kids to practice this song by using the adorable astronaut puppets.

Then sing the first paragraph and ask them how many astronauts went out to play. Give them a chance to mentally calculate in their head. Once they are ready, print the book and let them practice adding one more to each number.

 Give this laminated sheet to make number combinations up to 5, to kids who are ready to do more.

Use these in the math center and let children explore different ways to make numbers. Give cutouts of astronaut cards and let them make different combinations.

Cut apart these rocket cards. They are from 2 to 5. Let children find all the correct number combination cards for the rocket.

All the above activities can be found in this PACK.
Addition activites

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