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I put up the above image on a lighter vein but i was driven to write this post on gratitude because some times you encounter people who never appreciate others but believe that every benefit received by them is a right.
But then again,these same people also make you reflect and ponder on some important values which can change our lives and outlook. Gratitude is one such value. Every experience, good or bad teaches you a lesson. And if you practice gratitude in your life then you can extract something good even from a bad experience. Because gratitude teaches you not only to be thankful but other values like optimism, compassion and forgiveness too.

So can we instill this value in little children? 
 Of course! But it is not a one day activity since gratitude is much more than just saying thank you.

 Books provide a great start and I stumbled upon some on Amazon. So grab the ones you like because its always good to start early on in life.

Image result for bear says thanks
Another amazing book on bears by Karma Wilson! In this book, she talks about celebrating and sharing with friends and family.

Front Cover
One of my favorite authors- Mercer Mayer! In a world of consumerism,comes this great book that reminds us of things which money can't buy.

This is an all time favorite. I have talked about it earlier HERE.

Front Cover
In this new adventure, Splat says thank you for all fun he has had with his mouse friend-Seymour.

Front Cover
I cannot leave out Dr Seuss books when i am sharing my favorite books. His trademark rhymes and illustrations will surly make all readers realize how lucky they are.

Don't wait for thanksgiving to talk about the importance of appreciating others. Show the kids this video and brainstorm things that they are thankful for.

Use this activity sheet to help children put their thoughts on paper.

Talk to children about the things they have like toys, books, friends, a house to live in etc. Teach them the difference between needs and wants.

Appreciate small things in life. Show gratitude to people from whom you have learnt something. Send out thank you notes to people who love and care for you.

You can download these activities by clicking HERE
"Gratitude is a habit of the heart"- Alexis De Tocqueville
 So don't wait and cultivate it now !

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