Sunday, 24 May 2015

Books For End Of School Year

There is nothing better to end the year with some great read alouds. I have shortlisted five of my favorite books that i read at the end of school year. 

This book is a classic and a must read. Talk about the places your students would like to go to during their summer break after you read this book.

I love all the books in this series. Children relate well to this story as most of us celebrate the last day of school in the same fashion as the book talks about.

DOWNLOAD this colorful certificate that Miss Bindergarten gives out to her students in the book.



This book is great to read if some of your students are feeling jittery about going to grade 1. It will surely help in easing the transition.

Front Cover

A sweet story about a little girl moving up to a new class. The book has great illustrations and will help children know that change can be exciting.

A perfect book to read out during graduation time. Colorful pictures and simple rhymes makes this book an interesting read for any age group.

Hope you find the list useful.

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