Tuesday, 19 May 2015

End Of School Year

The school year is about to come to an end for most of you out there and the excitement to welcome the summer break is surely in the air!

I know this feeling so well, but hang on, don't give up! I can hear the summer birds chirping right in my ear...

But no matter how run out one feels , this is the most nostalgic time of the year and its always difficult to let go of those cute munchkins that one has spent the entire year with.

With a little planning, we can avoid the year end burn out. I have created a pack with some essential stuff that every teacher likes to use at the end of the year.
Read below to find out more about the activities and the fun you can have with the kiddos.

Start a countdown before the last 10 days of school.
Cut apart the number cards and attach them to a ribbon. Everyday remove one card and see how many more days are left in school.

Award your kids with these cute certificates.

Fill out a memory page about kindergarten. 
To build excitement about the new grade, ask children what they would like to learn in grade 1. Share their work with their grade 1 teachers. It would help them to know a bit about the kids.

Discuss summer plans with the children. Initiate a discussion using the interactive chart.

Read the emergent reader: "In the summer..."

Do a summer craft. Ask children to draw what they would like to do in the summers.

Ask them to write what they enjoy most about summers.

Grab all these activities from HERE 
End of School Year 

If  you are looking for more activities then view this product too!
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Use these activities, have fun and end this year without any stress !

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