Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Classroom Management

Who loves Super heroes? Kids of all ages surely do! And so do I. I fell in love with this poster which i saw on Pinterest.
What Does Super Hero Behavior Look Like?
If you want to download the above poster, click HERE

I was surely inspired to create something similar as i thought it would prove to be an excellent classroom strategy and would motivate the little super heroes to listen more intently.

So i gathered my super powers
and dived straight into making some free printables for all you guys out there!

Here's how the strategy works. Use the poster to initiate a discussion on good listening and what do good listeners do.

Cut apart the small super hero pictures and stick them on ice cream sticks. Write names and place them in a container.

Tell children that everyday you will pick up two names from your super hero container and you will reveal the names only at the end of the day. Remind them that you will be watching them for good behavior. I would start by focusing only on good listening because i don't want to overwhelm the kids. The surprise element would keep everyone on toes.

At the end of the day, reveal the names and if you catch children doing some good listening, award them with a super hero badge or send home some encouraging notes.

It is sure to get your kids attention and you will have a bunch of kids listening to you whenever you speak and you will never feel like this teacher again.

Download the super hero freebie by clicking HERE
Classroom Management Idea- Super Heroes

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