Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mothers Day Activities

Mother's Day is round the corner and it is a great day to show your mom how much you love her. Not that one should wait only for mother's day to shower one's mom with love. But since mother's day is celebrated world over, this day can definitely be used as an excuse to make it extra special for our mothers.
Little kiddos in your class might need some help to express their love to their mom's.
So what can one do? Lots of fun stuff... I came up with few writing activities which you can use with the kids.

Do a little discussion on what all mom's do.
Then give each child to draw and write on an individual sheet.

Sing this fun song with little kids and ask them what they love about their mom.

You can attach the poem at the back of this page.

You could also ask children to draw their mother's portrait and write why their mom is special.

Let children make a bouquet of flowers to take home for their mother's.

You can find all these activities in my Mothers Day Pack.
 Mother's Day Activities

All mom's deserve special treatment and oodles of love from their kids, so go all out and make this day rocking for your mom's because

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