Thursday, 2 July 2015

Get Your Children To Spell !

Today i will share few activities to help your kids learn spellings without stress. My activities are based on a farm theme since that's what my kiddos are learning at the moment but they can be adapted to any theme/unit.

I first let the kids get exposed to the words through different mediums like books, word walls and videos. I point at the words that i want them to know and allow them to read the words out loud.

Put words in a pocket chart for your child to read.

Jumble up the pictures and words for the child to put them correctly.

Next give some letter tiles and help your child to make words.

 Have them trace the words or if you want to skip this step, just give the child a paper with the pictures to spell on his own.

Make a spelling dictionary and add the new words learnt.

Use spelling board books from scholastic. Children have a lot of fun spelling using such manipulatives.

Try these activities with your kiddos and never hear them moan about learning and writing spellings.

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