Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Wednesday Book Talk- Moon activities

This Wednesday i am sharing another fantastic book on space. "On the Moon" by Anna Milbourne! I love this book because of its simplicity and it explains a lot of  moon facts in a super easy way. With big and bold illustrations, this book is great if you are introducing moon to the children. 

We follow it up with an art activity. I mix flour and white paint to give the paint a little texture and let children paint the moon surface.

Some writing has to be thrown in for the older kids! They record moon facts that they learn from the book.
Sorry for the blurry picture!

I made a model to explain how the moon gets its light and why it looks different everyday. You can click on  the LINK to get the instructions for this model.

I love food and and using food to teach concepts gets me pretty excited. And let me tell you, the excitement rubs on the the kids too. So we got some Oreo biscuits and carved out moon shapes. And of course, we ate them all after we finished. ;)

The kids discovered why the moon is full of craters with a simple experiment. You only need some rocks and a bowl of flour for this experiment

 Let the kids drop the rocks and see what happens. Explain that moon doesn't have an atmosphere like Earth to protect it from space rocks. They enter the moon easily and hence the craters.

I added a literacy activity in this unit too. The astronaut has to reach the moon by following the alphabetical order.

And Math cannot be left behind, so a little addition practice took place with this game. Cut 5 rockets and 5 moons. Stick them back to back and put them in a bowl. Let the children shake the bowl and roll out the pieces. They make combinations and record it in their sheets. I got this idea long time back from a blog but can't remember the name. So please if this is your idea, do let me know. I will add a link of your blog/website.

If you want more space themed addition activities, visit my TPT STORE.
Addition activites

Have a great week ahead and try these fun filled activities with  kids if you are teaching a unit on space.

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