Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Oceans of Fun!

I know I have ignored my little blog for a long time now but I was caught up in setting up my own workplace so this little baby suffered in the meanwhile. But I am settled and I promise that I will share a lot more stuff that I have been up to with little kids. And I must confess that I did squeeze in a beach holiday this summer break. So it wasn't all work and no play!

And since my beach obsession continued even after the holiday, I incorporated some ocean activities while teaching the little ones. According to me a beach/ ocean unit is the perfect thing to do during summers.

I started off with this sweet activity which will be a super hit with the little ones. And don't be surprised if it gets devoured in a minute, You need :
Blue/green jello to represent the ocean. 
Fish gummy candy or fish shaped crackers 
 A glass to set the jello in.  

I let the little one to mix the jello and water. Once the jello is semi set you can add the gummy fish.

 Voila! Its done. Simple and easy and a quick fix for those hot sweltering days!

We also played a fun math game with the goldfish crackers. The child has to throw a coin on the number wheel and take out the corresponding number of gold fish. Children get excited to eat the fish but before they eat the goldfish, ask them to count all the goldfish they have taken out. Its a great counting activity. 

We explored the scuba diving equipment and made a scuba diver craft.

All the activities had a fun element to them but learning took place too! So have fun trying out these activities with your little ones if you are stuck indoors in this maddening heat. 

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