Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday Book Talk

Books open a new world for us, especially young kids who have embarked on a learning journey. Sometimes there is so much to share that as an adult I have to remind myself to keep in mind the developmental level of  children before overloading the little brains with information. I love collecting children's books and of course reading them to the little ones. This Wednesday, I am going to share one such fantastic book with all you fellas out there. And if you have a space enthusiast at home or school , this fictional book can't be missed.

The book has eye catching illustrations and is loaded with humor. And the kids would want you to read it again and again.

After reading a book, I love following up with activities and what better than a craft and a little creative writing.

This little kid wrote that "if she met an alien she would sit in his space ship and roam around in space". Of course, she will hand over all her underpants to the alien in return.

We also made a UFO to go along with the book.

The little kiddo matched different patterns of underpants. Good for
her visual discrimination skill!

I also added a math activity with this book. The child rolled a dice and counted those many uni-fix cubes to make rockets.

It was great fun doing all the activities. If you would like to get the template for the alien craft, click
Aliens Love Underpants Craftivity!
If you have read this book to the kids, i would love to know your experience.
I will get back next Wednesday to share another fantastic book.

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