Thursday, 4 February 2016

Books for valentine's day

According to me no celebration is complete without books. Books add a magical touch to any event and they are great discussion starters. There are some fabulous books which you can read in the month of February to celebrate valentine's day. These books are my personal favorites and they carry beautiful messages of love and make perfect read alouds for little kids.

This is a classic and if you haven't added it in your collection, you must do so now. A beautiful story of a nut brown hare and the love that he shares with his dad. The story will melt your heart and your kids would want you to read it again and again.

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Many educators associate this book with the beginning of school year, but it can be a perfect read aloud during Valentine's day too. If "Guess how much I love you" talks about love between a child and a dad, this one talks about love between a raccoon and his mom. The mother soothes the nervous raccoon who doesn't want to go to school by placing a kiss on his palm. The book is a fascinating read and shouldn't be missed.

Huugy Kissy is my favorite because my little one adores it. This book is perfect for toddlers and even babies. They will completely associate with this book. After all who doesn't like kissing and hugging a baby?

"My heart is like a zoo", introduces different feelings that each of us have in our hearts. I love the heart shaped illustrations and the cuteness with which this book is written.

"Plant A Kiss", is a rhyming book with simple illustrations. It makes for a very interesting read and will teach your kids about kindness, giving and sharing.

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In the book,"The Day It Rained Hearts", Cornelia Augusta is a little girl who collects hearts when they fall from the sky and decides to make special valentine cards for her friends. An adorable book about friendship and love for the little ones.

Visit your local library and grab these books and have fun reading.

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