Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine's Day Craft

Want to spruce up reading in your classroom or home?  Then try out these two cute reading props to get little children excited about reading.

Since valentine's is around the corner, I thought of making heart shaped reading glasses and a reading wand . You need colored pipe cleaners which you can easily procure from a craft's shop for these two props.

For the reading glasses, I made 2 small hearts. 

I cut a small section from the pipe cleaner to attach the two hearts .

Then added two more pipe cleaners on the sides to complete the glasses.

For the reading wand, I took pink pipe cleaners and a chop stick.

I twisted one pipe cleaner into a heart shape and then looped another one into it.

I rolled the pipe cleaner on the chopstick to make the wand firmer.

Hope you enjoyed these simple crafts.

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