Wednesday, 17 February 2016

CVC Word Families-Spin And Graph Activity Sheets!

I am all set to bid adieu to winters and can't wait for the beautiful spring season to start. Though, I am quite grateful that this year we didn't experience the harsh winters that we normally do. So while stashing my winter clothing away, I  thought of making a winter themed CVC activity to end the season. 
It is a fun and interactive activity which will surely get your students excited about reading.
Just print the sheets and attach a paperclip, to use as a spinner. Children will spin it, read the word and color in the box of that picture which matches the word.
These sheets will also help them to practice their comprehension skills as they will have to find the correct picture after reading the word.
There are 25 CVC word families in the pack. They can be used in the literacy centres or can even be sent for home practice.
Easy and effective and more enjoyable than a boring old worksheet!
Find the pack HERE.
Spin And Graph CVC Words!

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