Tuesday, 19 January 2016

100 Days of School

The 100th day of school must be around the corner for most of you. I love this day and my kids always eagerly await it. They love to welcome Zerona, Zero the hero's wife! And get super excited with the surprises they bring us.

To celebrate the day, I put up a welcome banner on the door. Once I made a huge 100 cutout, so the children could enter and exit from the zero. Of course, the banner didn't last too long with all the excitement ! :)

We always start by reading Miss Bindergarten celebrates the 100th day of kindergarten to find out how her class celebrates the 100th  day of school.
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I hide 10 packets with the numbers 10-100 written on them. I place 10 different candies in each and ask children to find all the 10 packets. We then put them in order from 10-100 and children get to pick two of their favorite candies.

We love making 100 day crowns and always do a food activity. Our favorite is with fruit loops.

I also use activity sheets from my 100 days of school pack. Find them HERE.
100 Days of School

And we end the day by taking home some goodies.

Try out these fun activities with your students and have a blast on the 100th day of school.

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