Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Republic Day Craft

The Indian republic day falls on the 26th of January and it is a special day for all Indians. The Rashtrapati Bhavan and India gate comes alive on this day. As a kid I used to love watching the parade. It used to be a delight watching the armed forces marching in all their finery and the innumerable cultural performances showcasing the rich heritage  of our country. I used to eagerly await the stunts performed by the jets in the sky. 
And it is that memory which made me come up with a craft you can do with the kids for republic day.
You need two ice cream sticks, blue paper, cotton and some paint.
Let the kids stick the ice cream sticks on paper and add cotton for clouds. Allow them to use the tri color paint to show the aerobatics of the Indian Air Force.

Hope your kids have fun doing it. If you try this craft, do share your pictures with me.

I will be coming up with more activities for the Republic Day, so don't forget to come back.


  1. Hi! @Neha Chopra
    I loved these Republic Day 2018 Update. Thanks For posting..

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