Monday, 25 January 2016

Chinese New Year

This year the Chinese new year falls on 8th February. I got acquainted with this festival while I was living in Singapore. The whole island would come alive with beautiful red decorations and  every once in a while the loud sounds of cymbals would reverberate around the town signaling a dragon dance. The mouth watering pineapple tarts and the sales used to add to the fun. For the Chinese, this was a time to bond with their families and for us it was vacation time. We always planned a trip outside Singapore because the whole island used to shut down for 4 days. There was a lot of excitement and joy in the air and it wasn't difficult to sense it.
 Sigh! Good ol' memories!

And to refresh those memories, I created a fun learning pack for little ones. I enjoyed making this unit, and I am sure the little ones will enjoy doing the activities as much.
Chinese New Year

In this unit, you will find word and picture puzzles.

A number order puzzle.

Memory game cards.

Lots of math activities.

Literacy worksheets.

Beginning sound cards.

Grab this unit from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and have fun teaching your kids about Chinese New Year.

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