Thursday, 28 January 2016

International Puzzle Day

Today is international puzzle day, so take out those puzzles and get your kids to solve them.

Puzzles are a great learning tool and aid children's cognitive development. One can teach young kids a lot of stuff  like shapes, numbers and letters through puzzles. Puzzles also help in developing fine motor skills in children and build problem solving skills. It gives them a challenge and provides them with an opportunity to think and  come up with strategies to solve a problem. It also provides them with a sense of accomplishment when they complete a puzzle, thus boasting their confidence.

I love puzzles and so do kids of all ages. I created number and animal puzzles for the little kindergartners to enjoy. It is a freebie, so click HERE the to get it.
Number Order Puzzles

Just print, cut on the lines, mix the pieces and ask children to put them in order. The puzzles focus at numbers from 1-50. There are also skip counting puzzles for that extra challenge.

So let the kids exercise their brain muscles, they are sure to have fun solving the puzzles.

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