Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dinosaur Activities

I didn't expect the dinosaur unit to be such a hit with kids though I knew that it would definitively hit the right cord!
We have been reading a lot of fun books on dinosaurs but our favorite turned out to be "Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp" by Margaret Mayo.

The book has a lot of cute dinosaur pictures which exposes the children to various dinosaurs.

We used a page from the book to match toy dinosaurs.

We made huge dinosaur feet. I got the template from HERE.

Since the kids are learning sight words, I decided to add a sight word activity to the dinosaur theme.
I cut few colored pipe cleaners(pretend dinosaur bones) and put them in dough. The kids had to search for dinosaur bones and match the colored bones to the correct sight word(the sight words were of the same colors as the pipe cleaners).

And math couldn't be left behind, so I found a fun addition activity from 3 to add to our unit.

We also did a lot of craft and writing activities, which I would be sharing soon.

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