Sunday, 6 September 2015

Fun With Letters

Do you have kids who wriggle and wiggle and good ol' listening doesn't really help them to learn anything?
Well, then this fun game will get them excited, moving and learning. All you need is few tumblers/cans/baskets, letter cutouts and a ball/beanbag.

Attach the letters on the tumblers. I stuck the letters on clothespins and attached them on cans. The kids had to throw the ball in a can, name the letter and give a word beginning with the letter.

It was a fast paced game which made the kids and the teacher happy. Kids, because they didn't have to be just passive learners and the teacherbecause she could do a quick assessment of who knew what in a super fun way.

After this game, I put the letters in a pocket chart and gave pictures of words beginning with those letters to the kids. They had to listen to the sound in the word and place the picture under the correct letter.

You can get the pictures for letters A-Z from my Alphabet Word Wall Cards Pack.

Have a blast doing these activities with your kids.

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