Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Community Helpers- Dentist

Today I will be sharing some of the activities we did for our dentist unit. Like always we start any unit by reading books and this unit was no different.
We read  the following two books and the kids related well to both the books because of the famous characters.

We did the famous fizzy drink experiment to see what happens to our teeth if we drink too many of them.
I had boiled an egg and we let it soak overnight in the fizzy drink. We observed the color of the egg before soaking it in the fizzy drink.

  We tried cleaning the pretend tooth with toothpaste and a toothbrush only to find that the tooth had stains which wouldn't go away. Our conclusion, of course was to avoid fizzy drinks.

We also sorted other foods that are healthy and unhealthy for our teeth.

The kids  practiced cleaning teeth with a floss. We used an egg carton for the pretend teeth.

We also learnt the right way to brush our teeth. We used white paint and a toothbrush to brush a tooth template.

We brainstormed things we could do to keep our teeth healthy.

We read the emergent reader on the dentist and sorted his tools. Get these books from HERE.

It was a fun unit and definitely inspired the kids to take care of their teeth.

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